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should be considered armed and dangerous. they set up a tip line and website, if you want more information go to back to you. president obama attended a service this morning in boston to help comfort the city. he and the first lady were among the 2,000 people at the service that was held that cathedral of the holy cross. the president spoke of the victims and offered words of encouragement. he said their strength and spirit will help them put boston and their lives back together. >> as you begin this long journey of recovery your city is with you. your commonwealth is with you. we will all be with you as you learn to stand and walk and yes, run again -- and yes, run again. you will run again. [ cheers and applause ] >> after the service the president and the first lady
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visited the victims who are still in hospitals. >> aaron hern of martinez is one of three children still in the hospital recovering from the bombings. ktvu's patti lee is live in boston where the first lady met with -- lady met with aaron hern and his family today. >> reporter: aaron hern was one of three children who met with michelle obama today. we got a picture. here it is. you can see aaron hern just had surgery yesterday. he is recovering well and his mother reports that he should be out of the icu as early as tomorrow. tonight you could see many people have come here. those of them not lucky enough to meet with the first family came here to pay tribute. >> boston marathon sign flies over the memorial where thousands of people are coming to pay their respects. >> there has to be something to
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remind us that we are americans. and all one people. the gathering place was the church of the holagaroses -- cathedral of the holy cross where president obama paid tribute to the victims. >> so beautiful that everyone has come together as a community, as a nation and the world. >> reporter: they waited for hours along with thousands of others for a service designed to start the healing process. >> i am proud and i feel just so much better about, you know, taking the next step to recovery. >> reporter: for those who could not attend, boylston street serves as a stand in. this afternoon it grew in size. >> when they open up the street we will take everything and move it somewhere safe. >> reporter: the protector of the memorial here and with his dog promised to patrol it at
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night so others can find strength in community. >> reporter: this memorial has grown since less than two hours ago. in the future they hope a more permanent memorial will be established so they will have a place to go. reporting live, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano appeared on capitol hill today saying it is difficult to detect the bombs used in boston. janet napolitano said many leads turn out to be false alarms. the internet makes it easy to find instructions on how to build a bomb. >> there is commonly available recipes for making >> janet napolitano said research was underway to strengthen bomb detection. in texas the search continues for survivors and
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victims from the explosion and fire last night at a fertilizer plant in the town of west, texas. >> that video of the explosion was taken with a cell phone. authorities fear as many as 15 people are dead. more than 160 others were injured and the numbers could go higher. the explosion flattened much of the town. the mayor said it was like a nuclear bomb went off. the bay area is ready to send experts to help. bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives is on stand by ready to leave. a chemist who is part of the team is already on the way to the scene of the explosion. he described what the atf team might do at the scene. >> you need to know what is on the scene. what type of chemicals. what hazards are we dealing
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with. you are looking at the structures, do they present hazards? >> the atf said agents will try determine if the fire and explosion were accidental or caused deliberately. this is what it looked like yesterday as the plant was burning. coming up at 5:30 p.m. weal go to -- we will go to the town of west, texas. a deadly police shooting of a man armed with a hammer reignited the debate over tasers. ktvu's paul chambers is live with how officers handled that call yesterday. >> reporter: investigators in san francisco are investigating the city's 6th officer involved shooting this year. this comes a week after the police chief with drew his request to arm the police officers with tasers. >> reporter: today no one wanted to talk on camera about
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last night's officer involved shooting. police say after 9:30 p.m. last night they responded to a 911 call. the caller was a man who just stabbed his brother in law. as officers arrived he came at them with a weapon. >> the man ended up attacking the officers. prior to that he cut his brother in law. >> he was shot and killed by police after not following the orders to put down the hammer. >> after san francisco police chief greg suhr pulled it off the table, where a taser could have saved a life. . >> reporter: it is unclear if it will change the position on requesting tasers but some say the city needs to come up with more non-lethal options. >> in this situation if the taser was available it would
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have been used. >> with the tools we have the officers did what they had to do to defend themselves. >> reporter: the aclu didn't common directly but said any officer involved shooting raises questions about other techniques. as for the stabbing victim he is suspected to survive. he is doing fine. live in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a court ruled against a police officer who claims she was fired because of gender discrimination. she was one of four officers let go amid accusations they falsified affidavits. she said she never lied and her actions were the same as male officers who were not fired. but the court affirmed a lower court ruling that found she was not fired because she is a
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woman. within the last half hour a suspect gave up and turned himself in. that forced evacuations and a lock down of schools. ktvu's robert handa is in gilroy with the developments. robert? >> reporter: it has been a long stressful day for people who live here in gilroy where police just wrapped up an all day stand off with a man who claimed he had fire arms and was ready to use them. police surrounded the apartment complex starting around 6:00 a.m. this morning. officers used robots and k9 units to approach the man who was upset about being evicted and threatened to use explosives. the man talked with police during the stand off. we talked to the woman who lives across from the suspect. she heard the man's threats and it scared her. >> he said he had two bombs and
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two guns. i believe he has the bombs but not the guns because he was explaining to the cops how he had the two bombs, where they were, what they were made of. and what triggered them. when they would go off. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team was preparing to introduce gas, upon seeing the officer's approach the suspect surrendered. nobody has been hurt. >> reporter: at this hour police are searching for weapons or explosives. police will not say if he had explosives on him when he was arrested but they said he surrendered without incident. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the man suspected of mailing letters containing ricin appeared in court today. paul kevin curtis is accused of
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sending the letters. turns out he met paul kevin curtis before. no plea was entered today. authorities in texas charged a former justice of the peace with murder in connection with the death of a district attorney and his wife and the january murder of a prosecutor. that comes a day after former justice of the peace eric williams' wife was charged with capital murder. she confessed to taking part in the killings and said her husband was the gunman. he is in custody on $23 million bail. . if you own one you paid extra for it. a license plate, how the dmv is handling the money. >> back here in 10 minutes, a beautiful day, it was warmer again today. it will be warmer in many locations as we get into the
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to help meet that need, here at devry university, we're offering 4 million dollars in tech scholarships for qualified new students. learn more at 4
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for some it is a chance to help the environments by paying the dmv extra and buying a special license plate. our state lost millions of dollars by failing to collect that money. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with more. >> reporter: here is one of those license plates. they cost $50 to get. $40 a year to renew. in this audit, it accuses the dmv of not collecting and not charging enough for the plates and over the years it added up. >> reporter: some plates show love for sfo. others belong to lawyers and this one needs explaining. >> i have a yellow and black mini. looks like a bee.
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>> reporter: she paid extra the plate. now it seems that money was not being selected or spent correctly. >> i am not surprised. >> reporter: it is the auditor's office that found the problem, having to do with the sale of the license plates. plates that help the environment, art and more. >> department of motor vehicles has foregone $22.2 million over two years. >> reporter: the dmv failed to collect $12 million and under charged by $10 million. >> for a certain license plate you might be required to pay $99 and they are charging $49. >> reporter: a percentage of the fees go to dmvstration but they found on -- dmv administration but they found they over estimated the cost by
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$6 million. other funds were undercharged. >> everything is going through the cracks. >> reporter: not only was the money not properly directed by the dmv, at 6:00 p.m., some of the departments that received this money with questions in the audit raised about how the money was spent. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. california's plan to build a high-speed rail may be clearing one of its biggest opticles. a group -- obstacles, a group says they failed to follow laws. labor issues in other parts of the country are effecting garbage service in the bay area. the republic services of alameda count said there would be no pick up for customers today or tomorrow because teamsters are refusing to drive
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the trucks. the city of fremont said it is unfortunate the teamsters chose to disrupt service to customers to support an unrevolved issue in another part of the country. this is not an issue with our local area. the teamsters said the labor action is in support of workers who are striking against republic services of alameda count in other parts of the country. a former high school teacher pleaded no contest to having sex with a 14-year-old student. authorities arrested mary johnson last year. police say the relationship lasted from december of 2010 to may of 2011. she remains in jail. police are looking for the thieves who togetherred the jewelry -- who targeted the
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julie store at macey -- jewelry store at macy's at concord's sunvalley mall. police say they left behind a harmer used to smash cases. one man had a gun but no shots were fired. they fled in a car that was later found. fire caused damages to a house being renovated. it started around 11:00 p.m. last night. no one was living there at the time. the fire department was called after a witness saw smoke. they are looking for the cause but they say the fire does not appear to be suspicious. the group of u.s. senators, the gang of 8 released its plan for immigration reform. if adopted it would allow illegal immigrant to earn citizenship. it would offer a guest worker
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program. johnjohn mccain spoke of the terms. >> neither can we continue to have people exploited by human traffickers, abused by violent criminals and left to die in our deserts. [ cheers and applause ] >> critics say it would mean amnesty for people who broke the law. the wind pushed the clouds away. the views are great. >> that's right. you can see forever. you can see the sierra nevada, beautiful day. the winds clear things out. you get a clean atmosphere. thunderstorms, they got tornado watches in the louisiana area. freeze warnings in these areas, for us, we got nice looking weather right now. we are under this ridge of high
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pressure. everything goes to the north of us and we stay dry through the bay area weekend. a warming trend will continue into the bay area weekend. warmer today. warm right now. 78 in antioch. 77 in livermore. temperatures touching on 80 degrees. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same, maybe a little warmer inland. alongb the coast -- along the coast about the same. coast and bay. inland the winds -- the temperatures warm. low 80s inland tomorrow. these were the national weather service highs tonight. 78 antioch. 77 fairfield. highs tomorrow cooler or the same. here, warmer or the same inland. another nice day. after that temperatures slowly grind their way up. by the weekend, mid-80s. early next week 90s. the forecast highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s. oranges are 80s. you see the temperatures.
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where am i going to be tomorrow. using colors to represent temperatures. nice day tomorrow. over night lows on the chilly side. they have been chilly. no frost but chilly. 49 antioch for over night low. friday morning, friday morning already. kids need jackets. coming home upper 70s and low 80s. when i come back the weekend, a few days out there, the five- day forecast loaded up and ready to go. talking about warmer temperatures towards the weekend. fighting fires is going high tech, the new tool to help the state get a better handle on wildfires this season. >> are you ready? the golden state warriors are headed for the playoffs, who showed up today in oakland to
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with an eye towards the fire season, pilots were testing out new equipment today in the bay area. they plan to use the system that is developed in mountain view. it allows them to fly over fires and record data. they can send the information in real time to fire commanders
5:24 pm
on the ground. >> it is big picture. they can see where the fire is going and how to put out the boots on the ground. >> nasa gave the equipment to the service last year and they plan to use it over major fires throughout the west during the fire season. two groups filed a lawsuit today against the government saying it hasn't done enough to study the risk of fracking. they are challenging them for warning oil and gas exploration leases. they say they should do more research on the down size of fracking. it can help mead the nation's energy needs. opponents say it contaminates ground water and increases earthquake risks. golden state warriors fans are gearing up for the nba playoffs. some fans gathered today for a rally at oakland city center to wish them luck in the playoffs.
5:25 pm
mayor jean quan was there with some former greats. the warriors flag was raised at city hall. >> we can't concern ourselves with what happened in the past 18 years. we are in the playoffs this year. stay with us. we are going to surprise a lot of people. >> the playoffs begin on saturday. the warriors play the nuggets in the first round. new york has now over taken california when it comes to yogurt production. according to statistics that were released today new york producers churned out 692 million pounds of yokeert last year. -- yogurt last year. california is second with 587 million pounds of yogurt produced last year. congress passed legislation that will help keep companies
5:26 pm
from being hacked. the house voted in favor of the act. one part of the measure would grant companies immunity from prosecution in the event they are hacked and personal information falls into the wrong hands. if the passes the senate president obama has threatened to veto it. in a moment live to texas for an update on the explosion at a fertilizer plant, including where the investigation stands at this hour. >> a teenager acharge -- charged with killing a paramedic and other young men also charged. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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5:00 p.m. >> searching for survivors. authorities in a small texas town are coming threw rubble after the explosion at the fertilizer plant. as many as 15 people are dead but authorities can't confirm. live in the town of west, texas where investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. >> reporter: the number of casualties we are learning seems to be more than we thought. the west, texas mayor said as many as 35 people have been killed. 10 were first responders. but, you know, they are still continuing a search and rescue effort. >> reporter: this explosion at a west, texas fertilizer plant left more than 160 people injured. devastating the small town.
5:30 pm
authorities are still searching for survivors, including first responders. >> in the face of the most incredible danger, first responders ran in to try to save the lives of someone else. these first responders literally lost their lives helping others. >> reporter: an apartment complex was destroyed, homes turned to rubble. this shows smoke billowing from the plant hours after the explosion. texas governor rick perry declared it a disaster thursday. >> last night was truly a nightmare scenario. anyone who grew up in a small town like west, they know that this tragedy has most likely hit every family, touched everyone in the town. >> one west residents describes what the blast felt like. >> like a bomb.
5:31 pm
picked you up. took your breath away and dropped you and exploded everything. >> reporter: the blast registered as a 2.1 seismic event. a community is left to heal. >> hurts but i am alive so i am happy. the attorney general spoke and said he took a aerial tour and he was amazed, he wasn't expecting what he saw. the apartment complex that was destroyed looked like a bombed out building from baghdad and he said there was a railroad track nearby and the mett of the -- metal of the track melded together. >> thank you. more details on ammonium
5:32 pm
nitrate. it is used as fertilizer. it is a compressed liquid and stored under high pressure. >> one of those watching the search and rescue is meno park fire chief. he said among the crews is a federal response team similar to the one he is involved with here. he says it is important that they move quickly. >> usually in these events, within the first 12 hours people have a 90% chance of being alive. as we get into the first 24 hours, 80%. you know, after tonight we will drop down into the 30s. >> he has been part of search and rescue teams that responded to the earthquake, the oklahoma city bombing and the world trade center following the 9/11 attacks. the fbi released video of two men who say they are suspect one and suspect two in the
5:33 pm
boston marathon bombing. the fbi says these images were captured on boylston street near the finish line. suspect one is with a dark hat. suspect two is the one in the white cap. he was seen setting down a back pack moments before the blast. the fbi set up a tip line and a website and we set up a link on our website, san francisco city leaders held a ceremony to symbolize a big step today. a crane carried the final beam to top off the building all. it will -- building there. >> i can't tell you how excited we are. the hall of justice was built
5:34 pm
in 1960. 107th anniversary of the earthquake. the nan accused of killing -- the man accused of killing a man pleaded not guilty. robert graves is the man accused. he was having a party on pacific avenue and there was a dispute. he is due in court next month. police in oakland arrested a suspect in the killing of a paramedic. it turns out he is barely a teenager. ktvu's john sasaki is live with more on that. >> reporter: there are two big developments. first as this complaint says he is the gunman and today he appeared in adult court charged as an adult court and police arrested the announcement of a 6 6th suspect in the killing of
5:35 pm
the paramedic quinn boyer. he was in a cubicle. the judge read from the complaint, quinn boyer's murder was committed by him while he was trying to carjack him. the killing of quinn boyer happened on april 2. investigators believe he and five other boys 13-15 were trying to carjack him and that is when he shot him in the head. yesterday police chief said he was angly those involvered so -- angry those involved are so young. >> it is too acceptable by others to have kids or allow kids to be involved in some of these incidents. a month ago i received information from my staff that a 9-year-old was involved in a
5:36 pm
robbery. >> reporter: the district attorney said this shocked the city of oakland. quinn boyer dedicated his life to helping others. his killing at the hands of a 16-year-old is a tragedy on many levels. my office will ensure justice is served. live in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. iphone sales are down at verizon stores. the iphone activations fell 33% compared to last year. verizon said it sold 4 million in january through march and that is 2 million less than in september through december. a verizon spokesperson said people may be waiting to see if apple will release a new version. new products are released in late summer or early fall. on wall street today, the 3
5:37 pm
3rd down day for stocks this week. the dow is down 81 to 14,537. the nasdaq is down 38 at 3,166. the s&p is down 10 to 1,541. the earth moves and it is caught on tape. look at these pictures and watch that white car. there it goes and that sink hole isn't done, what happened to a person who got caught in it. and a spot famous for books, now on tv, how you can have your say on what you get to watch.
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a sink hole swallowed three cars in a chicago neighborhood. it fell all the way to the bottom of the hole. one person had to be pulled out and was taken to the hospital with a minor head jeer. the owner -- injury. the owner of the car was just about to get into it when the ground opened up. >> i am lucky. i am happy about that. but in this i don't think things like this should happen. >> there was heavy rain and flooding over night but officials haven't determined what caused the sink hole. is taking the first steps in to tv production. they will soon roll out 14 of its tv show pilots on its
5:41 pm
website. amazon will ask people if they like the shows. the responses will help determine which of the shows will be turned into a series. the series would be free to subscribers who pay for service called amazon prime. yahoo is continuing its mobile push. they introduced two apps today. one is for taplets and one -- tablets and one is for the iphone. she said the mobile service attracted 300 million monthly visitors. >> iran agreed to restart talks with the united nations over its nuclear program. the talks are set for mid-may. they are trying to determine if they are working secretly on nuclear weapons but the investigation has been stalled
5:42 pm
for five years because they refused to cooperate. they said they are enriching uranium for peaceful purposes. remembering the 1906 earthquake in san francisco and what forced the ceremony to be moved from where it is usually held. >> back here in 10 minutes a beautiful day again. temperatures are on the increase. it will get warm around here, i will show you which cities will be the warmest on the weekend.
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today marks a forty-first the san francisco earthquake -- for the -- mark as first for the san francisco earthquake. ktvu's tara moriarty reports on what forced officials to move the event from its usual location. >> reporter: sirens this morning as they do every year to commemorate the 1906 earthquake. [ music ] >> this year it didn't happen where it normally does, a bomb scare made them switch it to union square. around 3:00 a.m. this morning poce blocked off streets within a block after a suspicious bag turned up nearby. >> there was a suspect in a dark hooded sweat shirt that was scene with a bag at third and market. >> reporter: later authorities found clothes, paper work and
5:46 pm
personal items inside the bag. once the scene was cleared they layed a wreath. and the fire chief repanded the only working -- repainted the only working fire hydrant that worked in 190. they honored the 3,000 people who lost their lives. >> if you know of any history of san francisco, the earthquake, april 18, that was major. absolutely major. and for san francisco to come back as strong as they did, as early on as they did, amazing. >> hopefully next year everything will go off without a hitch. but they said they weren't willing to take any chances. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> to mark the anniversary the american red cross head a prep
5:47 pm
rally today. [ music playing ] >> that is jerry rice and kristi yamaguchi hosting the event. >> as first responders you can count on us to be there in times of need. with the community's help we will move more quickly from response to recovery mode. >> volunteers gave away free earthquake kits and offered free instruction in first aid and cpr. >> pedestrians face a higher risk of being killed compared to younger people. the cdc analyzed data from 2001- 2010 and pedestrians make up 4,000 of the nearly 34,000 traffic related deaths each year. those over 75 were doubled compared to those under 34
5:48 pm
years old. increasing frailty may leave them more likely to get hit. patient care technicians plan to hold a strike vote at the end of the month. the 13,000 employees have been working without a contract since september. a boy adopted from vietnam received a gift of life today. he was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. today he received a transplant during a 4 hour procedures. the donor, his own brother flew to california from vietnam to save his brother's life. >> most people aren't this lucky. takes a long time to find a match so we are lucky and thankful.
5:49 pm
>> this is a story only on 2. ktvu's janet will have more tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. >> fantastic. our weather now. bill, this has been one of the best weeks in a long time. >> and it will continue that way as we go into the bay area weekend. temperatures on the increase. nice spring-like weather that you will like. it is not going to rain. no rain in the forecast. jet stream is up here. as the days get longer it works its way north. the jet stream is not in our area. that mean as warm up. high pressure building in. temperatures 76 in fresno. 60 in monterey. temperatures around the bay, 77 antioch. 75 in santa rosa. these are temperatures. coastal fog returning here as we go into the next 36 hours.
5:50 pm
the rain, as you know, no rain coming, and we need rain. percentage of average, they are doing good, but as you can see, it is still 75% of average. something like that. this low-pressure system nudges the northeastern part of california tomorrow. that will increase the winds, maybe cool the coast and the bay a couple degrees and allow inland to stay to same or a bit higher. wind along the coast, cooler. weekend, high pressure establishes itself. keeps the fog at bay. keeps the fog south and the numbers on the bay area weekend, nice, weekend looks great. saturday and sunday, it will warm each day. saturday and sunday, sunday the warmer day, monday and tuesday
5:51 pm
still warm. or warmer. 10:00 a.m., there is fog, that is tomorrow. fog goes away tomorrow afternoon and saturday clear along the coast as the high pressure warms us up. highs tomorrow 79 fairfield. 79 santa rosa. 80 antioch. warmer inland. about the same or cooler along the coast. tomorrow is a push in terms of temperatures. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view patchy fog coming back into the forecast. you couldn't ask for a better looking weather week into the weekend looks great. >> thank you. a big back lash, the response after the senate voted down a measure for background checks and the campaign against those who voted no.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
senate majority leader harry reid ascetting a-- is setting aside gun legislation. more on the vote now and a new ad campaign that will target the senators who didn't support the plan. >> reporter: over hauling the gun laws. came to a halt wednesday on the senate floor. prompting outrage from the
5:55 pm
gallery. a plan expanding background checks failed. even though poles show 90% of americans support it. marco rubio voted no. they told us his schedule was full so we waited and caught him on his way to the capital where he ignored our questions. he said gun laws ingri on the right to bear -- infringe on the right to bear arms. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords was nearly killed in a mass shooting in arizona. >> we will have the resources to make a difference in the 2014 elections. we will have the resources to communicate about what they think about this issue. >> reporter: they are oftenning an ad campaign targeting the
5:56 pm
senators who opposed the plan. ktvu channel 2 news. they voted to authorize $24 million for a program that sees guns from people who can't own them. the bill was approved by a 57- 10 vote. the armed and prohibited person's program checks database databases. it will go back to the senate for a final vote. the california state university -- california state university, los angeles campus was evacuated this afternoon after a bomb threat. someone called the school and said a bomb would explode in two hour. the school evacuated students and canceled classes. the bomb squad responded but didn't find anything. pictures helped the fbi identify twenty-two suspects in
5:57 pm
the boston marathon bomb -- two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. >> plus the risk still exists, the red flag about some of chevron's pipelines and problems that are linked to the chevron refinery fire. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then...
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a bay area boy gets a visit from the first lady as he recovers from the boston marathon bombing. the -- >> the fbi pleads for information about these men, the suspects in the bombing. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> i am. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. the fbi released new images today of two men identified as suspects in monday's boston marathon-bombing. suspect one and suspect two. authorities handed out this surveillance video taken from the restaurant near the finish line. it shows both suspects one behind the north. the fbi issu

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